The button: Round off


Most important:
If you think TotoMaster predicts too much draws: Put the Round-off button Lower.
If you think TotoMaster predicts too Less draws: Put the Round-off button Higher.

This is to decide what difference between the scores should lead to a draw or win/loose.
For instance: 0.22 means that scores with less than 0.22 difference, will end in a draw. And a difference higher than 0.22 will will end in a win for the best team.
This means that you can manage to increse or decrease the draw results. The higher you set this feature, the more draws you will get. 0.01 will give almost no draws and 0.99 wil give a lot of draws.
This feature is for sharpening the prediction, but realize: this is soccer, with only a few goals per match, so you need knowhow and feeling to use it.
Remember, Round-off has influence on the score prediction and also on the Critical-Handicap and on the Home-Draw-Away probabilities.

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