Read this before you click away:

Totomaster is a program that predicts football results. Including the odds involved.
Just choose a home-team and an away-team.
Then click on the predict-button, that's all.

The program also gives the (limited) opportunity to set certain values yourself.

But real unique is that the forecasts are calculated on-line.
This is not the case with other sites, where the predictions are typed presented, on the site.
Some of these sites may be good, but you can't choose the clubs yourself.
A small difference for the bettor located in you.
A big difference for the soccer fan located in you.

Because the predictions are free of charge, anyone can examine the quality for themselves.
Nevertheless, Totomaster gives an automatic indication of the results of Team-Form predictions (last 30 matches, shown by league).

A serious player looks at all kinds of serious information so remember us: unique, open and honest since 2001.

Thanks and you are most welcome next time.