The button: Handicap

Asian Handicap and 1X2

This is the easiest part, but also our most important prediction.
Choose home and away teams, add the odds for this match, and press the "Predict! button"
That's all !

FAIR ODDS: the odds we give in the predictions are the real values. They might differ slightly from bookmakers odds, because bookmakers try to seduce punters by putting higher odds for the underdog, or change odds if too many punters bet on the same team. Any way, we give the odds so you know if your bookmakers odds are profitable.

EXPECTED: In the prediction report we give a percentage of the expected perforformance per team, this is the performance percentage used in the active prediction report (all predictions). This perfomance-level is based on 2 things: 1: The actual performance, 2: Special performance against opponent (only when needed). Because we try to deliver sure predictions, the best chances are to those, with common sence, knowledge and feeling, able to find out the best way to set the 3 buttons.

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