The button: Form (actuality)


Here you can decide proportionally how much to include the last (actual) performances of both the teams.
In fact you can in- or decrease clubs last performing trends

0 % = No influenze of the last matches. This means that the score will be generated on common figures (10 matches).

100 % = no common figures but only the last matches will deliver the score.

Manipulation of Form has influence on the score prediction and also on the Critical-Handicap and on the Home-Draw-Away probabilities.
This also counts for the Round-off feature, and learning to use these two features together is the main key to succes.

We recomend: Only use this button if you have experience with TotoMaster. If you think the teams will keep on moving like their last performances, you may increase the 'Form-value-button' (but be carefull, the more because TotoMaster does the same in computed values).

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